HuVa makes plant-based eating easy. We offer a diverse range of plant-based products that cover a range of meals and occasions. Our products are enriched with protein and iron, contain natural ingredients and have been developed by nutritionists with nutrition and taste in mind. Whether you are a flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or anything in between, HuVa provides a holistic approach to incorporate the many health and lifestyle benefits of plant-based eating into your diet and make the decision easy, enjoyable and delicious.

HuVa Products

  • HuVa Chilli Con Carne 100g

  • HuVa San Choy Bau 100g

  • HuVa Bolognaise 100g

  • HuVa Hemp & Spinach Falafel 200g

  • HuVa Burger Mix 200g

  • HuVa Potato & Leek Soup Mix 2 x 25g

  • HuVa Chicken Style Broth with Vegetables Soup Mix 2 x 25g