The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow® is a deliciously smooth and creamy cheese that’s unexpected, unique, and full of dairy goodness without any added preservatives, flavours or colours. When you unwrap a triangle of The Laughing Cow® cheese, you have opened a box of endless snacking opportunities.  You can relish the smooth and creamy cheese as you dip a carrot into the wedge, spread it on a fresh piece of crusty bread, or enjoy it all on its own! Any way you eat it, The Laughing Cow® helps you take a moment out of your day, to enjoy snacking your way. When you open The Laughing Cow® cheese, you can slow down, sit down and relish the spread, the dip, and the snack!

The Laughing Cow Products

  • The Laughing Cow Light 128g

  • The Laughing Cow Original 128g

  • The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers 4 pack 140g

  • Kiri Cream Cheese Spread 108g