Chrystal Fresh

Chrystal Fresh processes local and imported cheese perfect for entertaining, snacking and dining options. The range is primarily:

– Cut and wrap cheese for retail

– Cut and wrap cheese for food service, with high quality hand finishing

– Pack cheese platters, with flexible packing that allows multiple formats

– Pack mixed platters that include cheese, meat, antipasto, crackers

Chrystal Fresh works closely with a cheese manufacturer based in The Netherlands that has a long history of making cheese to traditional recipes. They work in partnership to understand the differences and subtleties between the cheeses, and what is most appealing to Australians.

Chrystal Fresh Products

  • Chrystal Fresh Cheese Board Selection 335g

  • Chrystal Fresh Trio of Cheese Selection 335g

  • Chrystal Fresh Entertainers Platter 365g

  • Chrystal Fresh Dutch Smoke 220g

  • Chrystal Fresh Dutch Gouda Cheese 230g

  • Chrystal Fresh Dutch Edam 230g