Product Development

Manassen Foods is an innovative food manufacturer that specialises in creative and inventive ideas for new and existing products. Extensive research and market analysis helps the team determine what potential products will best meet the needs of their target market, leading to the development of prototypes that are tested in both focus groups and market simulation studies. Our comprehensive process allows Manassen Foods to consistently create products that are high-quality, competitively priced, and relevant to customer needs, making Manassen Foods an industry leader when it comes to pioneering new foods.

Supply Chain

With National warehouses and 35,000 pallet spaces across Australia, our integrated supply chain network supports great customer service, growth and innovation. Through our direct-to-store capability we service independent stores, with chilled, frozen and ambient storage ensuring safe delivery.

Account Management

Our customers are supported by national and regional sales teams who work across the development and implementation of strategic customer accounts and joint business planning. We support customers with price and promotional analysis, as well as range and grading recommendations to maximise the availability and visibility of our products.

Category & Marketing

Our strategic category and brand planning process has been proven to generate outstanding returns. We have a track record of delivering on financial and market-share targets. Diversified experience in consumer goods markets, in Australia and overseas, gives us a thorough understanding of consumer trends and insights in the retailer landscape.

Quality & Technical

Manassen Foods provides our partners with information and guidance to ensure all food imports and local supply will satisfy Australia’s strict IMPORT CONDITIONS (BICON) and local food legislative matters (FSANZ code) and assists in providing an understanding of these requirements.

Food Service

Manassen Foods provides an invaluable service to Food Service companies. We understand the challenging and complex nature of the industry, and we have developed a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored to meet the needs of all businesses in the food service sector.