Born in 1959, Coffex has a rich heritage in Melbourne. Our founding goal was to deliver premium, locally roasted and, above all, the freshest coffee to baristas and coffee lovers – and we have been doing so ever since.

At its heart, a cup of coffee is all about the bean. Through dedication of time and research, we are on a continual quest to discover the very best coffee beans from around the world.

Sourcing from over 25 countries across 4 continents, we take our time to visit and talk to our growers and sample their produce to ensure you receive the finest cup of coffee.

We draw on more than 50 years of experience in roasting and blending, to produce coffees of award-winning flavour. Using traditional techniques our master roaster ensures the optimum flavours are extracted from the beans during every stage of the roasting and blending process.

The impeccable end products are enjoyed by devoted coffee lovers around the world.

Coffex Products

  • Famiglia Ground 250g

  • Famiglia Beans 500g

  • Superbar Ground 250g

  • Superbar Beans 500g

  • Superbar Espresso Ground 250g