Established in 1926, Sunbeam Foods produce quality dried fruit that is renowned around the world. Sunbeam believes that the natural goodness of sun-ripened fruits and nuts provides inspiration to create delicious food from nature’s best produce.

Sourced from 350 growers across Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and  around the world, more than 300 employees work across the country to bring the finest dried fruit to the market.

Sunbeam Products

  • Sunny Bunch Snacks with Beetroot, Flame Raisins, Apple, Sultanas, Cranberry & Blueberry 150g

  • Sunny Bunch Snacks with Carrot, Flame Raisins, Apricot & Apple 150g

  • Sunny Bunch Snacks with Peach, Apricot, Flame Raisins, Apple & Carrot 150g

  • Sunbeam Flaked Almonds Value Pack 300g

  • Sunbeam Almond Meal Value Pack 350g

  • Sunbeam Sultanas 375g

  • Sunbeam Slivered Almonds 100g

  • Sunbeam Raisins 375g

  • Sunbeam Mixed Fruit 375g

  • Sunbeam Hazelnuts 120g

  • Sunbeam Currants 300g