Bao Bun Mix

4 July 2023

Love the idea of pulling freshly made bao from the steamer but just can’t face the faff? We hear you. And we got you. Enter our all-in-one, works-every-time, simple and reliable Marion’s Kitchen Bao Bun meal kit!

Drift away to food heaven on a pillowy cloud of goodness. These homemade bao buns are light, fluffy and as soft as you like – the antithesis to store-bought, frozen imposters. The best part? YOU made them.

For maximum enjoyment, rustle up a batch and stuff ‘em with your favourite stuffers. We’re talking char siu pork, fried chicken (there’s a kit for that), miso-braised eggplant, crispy crackling-a-fied pork belly… even pulled pork. The possibilities are endless.

Table-pleasing. Mate-approved. Let’s hero homemade.

Makes 12 buns.