Signature Fried Chicken

4 July 2023

Hangry waits for no one. So when you’re craving fried chicken, you want your fix, fresh from the fryer in all its craggly, snaggly, gnarly glory, quicksmart. It’s why we’ve created the ultimate fried chicken meal kit, minus the wait time (and minus delivery drivers who’ve fallen victim to rush hour).

It’s all down to our years-in-the-making winning combo of our perfectly savoury marinade and just the right ingredients to make your crispy coating sing. If the devil is in the detail, forgive us for we have SINNED.

Feed it to your mates, mum or better half, whack it in a bun (hint hint: try our bao kit), pop it in your air fryer, turn it into the nuggets of champions… whichever way you make it, this is people-pleasing stuff.

Made as it should be. Made with love. Made for sharing.