Thai Green Curry

4 July 2023

Take off your jacket… we’re eating in tonight! The Marion’s Kitchen Thai Green Curry kit has everything you need to bring the Thai restaurant vibes to your very own dining table.

Create a vibrant Thai green curry with simple-to-follow steps and premium ingredients that tastes out-of-this-world delicious.

Expect all-natural goodness, zero nasties and one helluva recipe (it’s Marion’s own family recipe, so you know it’s the real deal). Oh, and did we mention it’s gluten-free?

Simply add fresh meat, seafood, tofu or vegetables to the ready-to-use curry paste and coconut cream, then bring on the crunch with delicious bamboo shoots. Traditional dried herbs and chillies round off the flavour – follow the tips to make the end result mild or hot to suit your own preference.

Kit includes :

• Green curry paste

• Coconut milk

• Dried Thai herbs and chilli

• Bamboo shoots

Just add 500g chicken, beef, duck or seafood, plus 1 cup of vegetables. Serve with steamed rice.