Thai Massaman Curry

4 July 2023

It’s a little bit nutty, a little bit creamy and a whole lotta yum. Yep, when you’re craving rich, unctuous deliciousness (and let’s face it – when are you not?), our Marion’s Kitchen Thai Massaman Curry kit will have you sorted in a jiffy.

We’ve taken a winning family recipe, packaged it up with only the best of the best ingredients (so clean! so honest!), and popped it in this handy li’l box. Exactly how we’d make it in our kitchen, straight into yours.

Add your choice of protein (we’re fans of beef or chicken, but you do you, boo) to the perfectly balanced curry paste and coconut cream. Simmer away, add the dried Thai herbs and chilli, then add a smattering of peanuts for a final flourish.

Dang, that’s one mean lookin’ dinner.

Kit contains

• Massaman curry paste

• Coconut cream

• Dried Thai herbs and chilli

• Peanuts

Just add 800g chuck steak or gravy beef, 1 onion and 2 medium potatoes. Equally delicious with chicken.