Thai Red Curry

4 July 2023

Oooh, we like ourselves a spot of Thai Red Curry. So much so, we decided to share it with the world in this handy-as-you-like meal kit, which contains everything you need to make a knockout dinner.

The Marion’s Kitchen Thai Red Curry kit is made following a much-loved family recipe that was too good to only keep in the Marion Grasby household. With all of the authentic ingredients and maximum good stuff (and no nasties in sight, thanks very much), all you need to do is add your choice of meat, seafood or vegetables to the all-natural curry paste, then stir in the coconut milk, traditional herbs and chillies, followed by crunchy bamboo shoots.

And, just because we love you, we’ve made it so you can tailor the spice level to suit your preference. No artificial colours or flavours, plus it’s gluten-free. In short? So. Darn. Good.

Kit contains

• Red curry paste

• Coconut milk

• Dried Thai herbs and chilli

• Bamboo shoots

Just add 500g chicken, beef, duck, or seafood and 1 cup of vegetables. Serve with steamed rice.